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Free Download Soldiers of Anarchy PC

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Soldiers of Anarchy is a 2002 squad-based real-time tactics video game released by Simon and Schuster.Gameplay involves squad tactics, vehicles, and a wide variety of weapons and ammo.The game takes place in the year 2015, ten years after a deadly man-made virus (Spontaneous Genome Degeneration Syndrome) kills billions across the planet. The initial protagonists are four soldiers who have spent the last decade in a bunker at a Russian Kalinina military base where they were stationed. What greets the survivors initially is a barren world populated by sporadic groups of survivors. Every community is self-sustaining, with trade organized by the Seeker Guild. Seekers are people who scavenge pre-catastrophe (referred to as Old Time) equipment from ruined cities, “from sour drops to tanks”. It is also revealed that after the disaster, central society became non-existent, with territories being controlled by gangs; apparently the area where the group’s base was located was the territory of the Slingers, a group of thugs and thieves who have started to capture and kidnap people lately.

After securing the allegiance of a Seeker, the group took control of a nearby town and its radar station, improving their equipment with scavenged weapons. They also interrupted another kidnapping and busted up the Slinger base nearby, securing vital intelligence. The purpose of the kidnappings became clear: the Slingers were trading in human lives. A major slave market was located in New Boston, which the group wiped out and freed the slaves. They also paid a small visit to the Slinger headquarters nearby, killing their leader and permanently crippling their operations, as well as narrowly avoiding being caught in the crossfire of a gang war between the Claws and The Final Revolution, descendants of the Mafia and the Russian military, respectively.

  • Genre : Shooting
  • OS : Windows
  • Language : English
  • License : Free | Demo
  • Published By :┬áSimon & Schuster
  • Size : 160.56 MB


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