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Runaway Express Mystery PC Game

Runaway Express Mystery

Runaway Express Mystery is a Puzzle game developed by Icarus Games and published by Libredia for Microsoft Windows OS. This game was released on Sep 23, 2014.


Runaway Express Mystery is a Puzzle Hidden Object interesting game. Runaway Express Mystery is a strange story about young mother Amanda Waters. when a young mother attends a train exhibition with her children. The monumental Runaway Express starts moving suddenly with her children on board. The frightened mother jumps on the train before it left the platform. She notices unexpected travelers on the train. They all are ghosts of people who died on board during those 50 years. This train was moving between Paris to Istanbul. On the board, there is a problem to open the door and enter. You have to find out the way to enter so that she may help her children.


Amanda looks at door and find the key in key hole from inside. She need the key to open the door. You have to take screw driver and newspaper to get the key. There is a space just at the bottom of the door. Pick up newspaper and pass it away. Now pick up the screw driver and put it into the key hole. The key will fall down on the newspaper. Draw the newspaper back and get the key. Now Amanda can easily open the door. You have to find some items to complete the task. There may be some problem to solve but you can use Hint option from the bottom right side on the game screen. Runaway Express Mystery is very interesting and amazing game which is very useful to accompany your part-time detective job.


Runaway Express Mystery is very easy to download and install You can Download this game by clicking Download Button. This is trial version so you can play it only for 1 hour up to 10 times. After downloading the game, run the setup to install. Runaway Express Mystery home page menu has Play, Options, Credits and Exit buttons. The story will begin When Amanda jumps on board, you have to help her to find out way to open the door. You have to find out some inventory to open the door.
In this Game there are Difficulty modes: Casual, Advanced and Expert that can be changed anytime during the Gameplay.

Game System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 1086 MB

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License: trial
OS: Windows
Size: 355 MB.
Publisher/Developer: Big Fish Games.


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