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Arma II PC Game Demo

Arma-2-coverARMA 2 is a military simulation video game based on military operations, ARMA 2 is the official sequel to the Operation Flashpoint series developed by Bohemia Interactive. ARMA: (Armed Assault)II, defines the Combat Operations in North America. ARMA 2 saw a limited release in May 2009 But later in June-July 2009 it was released widely in the world. Another pack with the title ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead was released in 2010. Moreover In June 2011, a free version of the game was released by the publishers of the game, featuring limited single player modes.

ARMA 2 is a shooter focused Game on infantry combat, However significant vehicular and aerial combat elements are present. The player is able to command AI squad members which adds a real-time strategy element to the game. This is further enhanced by the high command system, which allows the player to command multiple squads using the map. ARMA 2 is set primarily in the fictional Eastern European nation of Chernarus (meaning “Black Rus”). The Chernarussian landscape is based heavily on the Czech Republic; the home country of the developer.

Features Of Arma 2

Following are the main features of Arma 2.
  • Military simulation game play.
  • 3rd generation game play.
  • Gasping and immersive features.
  • Combat with armed forces.
  • Tactical first person shooting game.
  • Extraordinary modern war simulation.
  • Most technological, atmospheric and stunning game.
  • Real time weapons, vehicles and air crafts,
  • To command the artificial intelligence squad.
  • Real time strategy.
  • Chernarussian landscape is used.
  • Eleven well defined armed groups.
  • 80 realistic models for weapons.
  • 130 realistic models of vehicles.

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