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Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PC Game

Prince-of-Persia-The-Sands-of-Time-GamePrince of Persia The Sands of Time is a third person action and adventure game published by Ubisoft. It was released in 2003. Here is an official trial version, from where you can play some missions.

In a complete full version of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, game starts where prince is outside the palace. You have to enter the palace to start the mission. The mission of the game is to get back the sands of time. Prince enters the palace and moves forward by killing his enemies. Prince has only a sword at the start. It is completely 3D game.

You can check controls option from game options. For your quick consideration, you have to use A, S, D and W keys to move forward, backward, left and right. Mouse is used to change the direction of the player. To attack, use left click of mouse while the right click is used for special action.

If you want to cross a long way with broken bridge, you can run on wall. To do so, move forward beside the wall and at the edge of the broken bridge, press right mouse click. You must keep pressing W button. This will help prince to run on the wall toward the next edge of the bridge.

Shift key is used to walk slowly. You can pass through ground hurdles, e.g. blades outside the ground. To jump, use spacebar. If the life bar is down at any stage, search for water. Drinking water will increase the life bar of prince. Use mouse right click to drink water. You can also block the attack of enemies using mouse right click.


After completing some objectives, prince will achieve a dagger. This will help you to kill monsters. If you use the dagger after knock down the monster, if will increase the ability of dagger. Otherwise, you will lose the ability to use dagger. Some monsters can be easily attacked by climbing up using jump button. You can also press jump and attack button just near the wall. Prince will attack like bounce back arrow and knock down the monster. Some monsters will defend this attack, but they can be knocked down by climbing up. Hope, you will enjoy the game.

(Review by naseeka)

  • License: Trial
  • OS: Windows
  • Size: 240 MB.
  • Publisher/Developer: Ubisoft







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